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Just giving a SHOUT OUT


I just want to give a quick SHOUT OUT to the Fiverr team, and all the sellers and buyers around here. Because good quality sellers draw more people in. And superb quality customer support and platform are creating possibilities where everyone can quickly find, purchase what they need, get their job done quickly and professionally.

I really, when I get back, never heard of this platform. I never had my hopes high up, thought it was not going to work, but since I follow a simple rule in life – don’t miss on anything, answer to ANYONE who asks about anything, and try new, always try new, because life is just a good old gamble, and our chances really are high in the long run – I think I’m going further and further with this.

Buyers are happy, I’m quickly delivering their orders, and of course, I did circulate my earnings inside, here, because I recently purchased new gear and I’ll be able to offer more gigs, more sophisticated ones, my specialty. All thanks to Fiverr.

Just got a good recording gear, soon I’m gonna grab a newer PC and I’ll do things even better.

I removed my own website, I only use Fiverr’s hyperlink when promoting myself, even in my own country. I just don’t care, just send my Fiverr profile and tell people that’s the way I do things.

So yeah, things are changing for me only because of Fiverr. Some people think it’s a bad place, I think we can do it a better place if we don’t like it. If we for a moment think about it, there’s not an alternative really. So this is the best people have.

And I got 20 stars, level 1 seller (kept it on the evaluation), and I’m proud I did all that, but it was not only me, but the team helping me, and learning a lot from old dogs, like Jon Baas, with whom I had a discussion, and I understood I was so wrong. Changed some things, and everything worked for me even better. So here it is. If you’re not happy, try to make it better by changing things, and improving it all. Thanks @jonbaas and thanks to all other people that had a discussion with me.



You’re welcome. I’m glad that I was able to help!


Yeah. After changing my thumbnails, images, everything with photos and texts personally done by me, that had huge impact.


That’s awesome! I’m glad to hear this!


Why @jonbaas your old :dog2: ! Here is a :meat_on_bone: for you!


@jonbaas our King. Because he know de wey. Listen to Job Baas if yu want to know de way, my bruddas and sistas. :sunglasses:


@neromare, damn your description is awesome, even though I am not a fan of the Balkan history. You could have made your username “tsarboris” it would have backed your description a lot more. JK.

Поддържайте страхотната си работа! You have awesome gigs. :wink:


Thank you! I’m personally not a huge fan of the Tsars, but a big big fan of Khan Krum. You should read more about him, if you never heard of him. Back in the time, you would simply not want to mess with this dude.

But anyways, Neromare translated into English is Black Sea, since I spent my whole life on the Black Sea and I absolutely love it. :bulgaria:

Respect! :v: :macedonia:

And thanks for the kind words!


I am not a fan at all of any Balkan history, it’s too complicated, and only leads to pointless arguments, as every country brainwashes their people to boost nationalism. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I would definitely read something about Khan Krum. Bad :peach: dudes are interesting, and you can get a lot of inspiration from them. :wink:


I read about all history, world history, everything, you know why? So I don’t repeat my ancestors’ mistakes. They wrote stuff, so we can be better. Cos’ if I don’t educate myself, I will just lose a lot of time trying to figure out something, or just repeating their mistakes, some of them – grave ones. :v:

Some people use phrases for their nationalism, but we have to read so we can be better and avoid what’s bad. :wink:

Why I love Krum is because during his rule, there was no way you can steal even a penny.

He achieved equality of rights as enjoyed for Bulgarians and other nationalities in the common state, protecting the poor population against robberies, slanders, liars, thieves and their accomplices. :v:

How not to love him.

Anyways… :eyeglasses:


Amen to that bro! I do read world history. What I enjoy the most reading about is the Industrial Revolution and World War II.

I assume you had the same experience as me, you see a Macedonian dude and he keeps attacking you about Bulgaria and your roots. I have no clue why that’s a problem, we are Slavs, we have similar language, and instead of being friendlies, we get in arguments.

Machiavellianism before Machiavelli? I will :mag_right: up that dude right away.


Yeah, cool. By the way, this might sound weird to you, but I was never met with any hostilities at all from FYROMs. :crazy_face:

I have a lot of Macedonian friends, so it’s maybe just a lot of propaganda. But on the other side, I was insulted a lot, for no apparent reason, by Western European people. I can say a lot of good things about Americans, Canadians, South Americans, Australians, Russians, Asians and Africans, but maybe a large amount of the Western Europeans don’t trust us for some unknown reason. I don’t really know. And probably I will never know. Maybe because some of our countrymates doing some crimes abroad, I don’t know.

But, again, Macedonians, top notch! :rocket:


Yeah, that’s the reason, because most of the Mafia in West-Europe is with Balkan nationals. Okay, I though you was a cool guy until you said FYROM. Just kidding, in a couple of months, maybe we won’t be FYROM anymore. :frowning:


Just reading your profile, says FYROM. :crazy_face:

I heard there was protests or something. You think you’re going to “win”? :v: