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Just got 1.7 star after No reply from Buyer


Hi everyone, I just delivered an order to a buyer, I offered unlimited revisions as well. But as the buyer didn’t replied back for 3 days, the order was marked as completed automatically by fiverr. After 5 days of placing the order, the buyer left a review of 1.7 star saying that she was not happy with the result.

The point is, I received the order and offered unlimited revisions, yet there was no response and she left a bad feedback. I have contacted the buyer after the review as well but received no response.

This has affected my profile very much and now I’m not being able to fill up buyer requests due to fiverr’s policy of 90% or more rating.

Please help for increasing the ratings if possible.


Its difficult when buyers don’t communicate, but from the feedback it seems you should not have uploaded the job if you felt it was not perfect.


I was confident of the service I provided and I completed another order similarly for which I got 5 stars. It was in the eye of the buyerthat it was not good. I offered unlimited revisions and I was happy to work on more if the buyer wanted to. But perhaps she just left a review and nothing else.


At this point just let it go. I’ve read cases where Sellers got slapped with warnings for asking the Buyers to change neg feedback or press them about the issue. Yeah, I know it sucks but it’s not worth the hassle.


Buyers are free to leave an honest feedback, albeit it’s not in your favor. Learn from this experience and move on. You’ve offered unlimited revisions, but the Buyer obviously felt like it’s not worth the time to request more revisions.

Deliver quality work! Keep your toes & fingers crossed that your Buyers leave a positive review. :pineapple:


Thanks a Lot for the Suggestion. Keeping this in mind for future Buyers. Have a Great Day!


In creative work, whether something is good or bad can be very subjective. That’s a risk of asking for a review. Move on and keep doing your best.


Thanks a lot for the support and advice it means a lot.


Good work mate. Please check out my profile too.