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Just got a 284 dollar gig!

So I just got a 284 dollar gig for proofreading an app. Thanks to fiverr forum I did exactly what I should have, I send a small gig first to see if this guy was good, and then I gave him the whole gig. I wouldn’t have done this without fiverr forum, and I thank all of you guys for helping me out in hard situations which I would never have figured out by myself.(Special thanks to emmaki!) I will be active in the forums so that I can repay you guys for what I have gotten from you. Thanks a lot

Great to hear that ! Keep doing . You will be having more in the future

Ohh great…it’s must be a big project…Good luck…do well…:slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words!

It’s a really big one with a 25 day deadline…XD
Hope you have a nice day on fiverr!

congrats, Now focus on the project and make your client happy :slight_smile:

That’s amazing congrats!