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Just got a bad review for the dumbest reason

I really don’t want this persons money. Every customer Ive had understands the proof. Could it just be he’s upset his book didnt sell?

I only go one bad feedback in more than 2 years on fiverr and the reason was because I refused to work again for him.

I just received one because the buyer refused to order the extra that he was asking for…and demanded it for free :slight_smile: Only because he can do that and only because no one is going to take any kind of action against him :slight_smile: This is how human beings are

Well, some people will never be pleased. Just brush it off and move on. You have plenty of other buyers who were happy with you work and services. How else should you proof it besides sending him screenshots 8-}

Buyer’s are able to leave any kind of review to characterize their experience. And that is something that can’t be taken from them. Since your services are valued at $700 you should make sure you don’t lowball yourself, dealing with poor clientele for this service will yield unprofessional reviews such as the one you received.

What was the reason?

Also, you are always going to have a customer every now and then not happy with something. How long have you been selling for? Not all customers understand book sales and marketing.

Reply to @cre8iveartwork: in a case that like the seller should immediately offer a mutual cancellation.

Reply to @sincere18: exactly :)) Fiverr is only for buyers