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Just got a notification- "Want to keep your Gigs active? You have 30 days left to update your India tax info."

paid gst can be refunded or we can apply for letter of undertaking and show it as zero rated export (no gst to be paid this way),you can google to verify this just to be more sure.

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I still did not understand what do I fill. Is exempt a correct option? And what about have I registered for India GST? I am a student and need some guidance. Help is appreciated.

We need to select “No gst” and the option “Taxable” should be selected. This is the reply what I received from a CA person. Need to cross-check again.

Congratulations to you !!! :smiley: :love_you_gesture:

you clicked on “EXEMPT”?

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I had Clicked on “Exempt” as many suggested, Yesterday I had an order of $10 normally I get $8 on complete, this time I got $7.5 only, and this notification came on the earnings as 5% deducted, never happened this before like this before filling that form, can anyone help me, someone also says to select export, I have no Idea

Totally confused. Is anybody here who can clear the confusion?

with this, I think they might take total up to 25% from us now, and even govt. of India doesn’t take tax up to 5,00,000 but I don’t know what’s going on!

oh! It’s really confusing now…
Please @Fiverr help us to solve this confusions

Did you update PAN card?Also did you check earnings page to reconfirm?

Hi guys,

In my case, I make withdrawals to my wife account (through paypal) so that we are taxed less.

Do i need to fill my wife’s details in Billing information or mine?

Kindly help.

since now TDS will be debited its better to use original account for withdrawl

you mean, my account?

yes of course since you will be updating your PAN number.

@crowdmedia - but I dont have any PAN question, nor do I have how will my service will be taxed. Is the questionnaire different from person to person

No, the questions are the same for everyone but once you start filling the form, more questions will appear

Thanks for the clarification.

Did you or anyone got the answer for this question: "How is your service taxed?” - Exempt or Taxable or anything else.

Yes, First, I got notification of filling that form, then I filled my Pan Details, and I have no GST as my earnings are below 50,000INR per month, Govt. of india allows no tax for income below 5,00,000INR and then I say the drop down of “How is your service taxed”, so I hovered on “?” icon it said, EXEMPT for no tds and no gst something, still I was’nt sure, so I created new browser tab and searched and go t to this topic and saw, that they also guided for EXEMPT so I went back selected it, filled rest details and saved.
Next day I got a small order for $10 and I delivered and then in the clearing it showed $7.5 pending for clearance, and the above screenshot of me is what it shows “TDS under 194-O: $0.50 – Per India tax regulations, this is a 1% or 5% deducted at source(TDS)”
That is the whole chronology, Please help, Thank you.

The same thing recntly Happend with me. I got an order og 15$ and then I completed it and got 11.85$ which acctually should be 12$. I dont know why this things happening

I got the same notification few days ago. So, I have updated my PAN. You should also update your PAN.