Just got an order in French


I just got an order worth $50 a few minutes ago. At first glance, I was exhilarated but when I went to the instructions, they were in French. The client also attached the URL to her blog and the blog is in French as well. Had no choice but to cancel the order because I dont know French

Has this ever happened to you? And is there something I can do to prevent it from happening again?


That’s Superb!
Hopefully you will get a lots of orders very soon. All the best.


I once had several orders from the same person all written in french. Google translate showed the guy was actually looking for the exact service I was offering. Worst case the guy did not know what reversions were and was trying to work the system to his favor. I ended up getting a 3 star review but got to keep 250$


Sorry about the bad experience. In my case, I couldn’t even attempt it because it is an article writing gig


:unamused: not superb at all!


You’ve just missed your opportunity to learn a new language yo…
I’ve made works in Chinese, maybe they were against Xi Jinping or Mao Zedong :imp: don’t really know.
He just knew basic English to indicate “title” “date” and so on…
Don’t be lazy yo… take a French-English dictionary :expressionless: I can give you mine for $5 :stuck_out_tongue:


LOl. :laughing: So will you create a custom gig to give me the dictionary? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Every small need someone has… is an opportunity for someone else to make $$ yo! :grin: