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Just got another 5 star review with a nice feedback


I have just got another 5-star review with a nice feedback. I was a small project but it was big for me as a new seller. The buyer was awesome. At first, he was hesitating to place an order but be able to convince him and make him 100% satisfied.

Please Pray for me…


Congrats. :rose::rose: Wish you success in Fiverr. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.:heart_eyes:


Congratulation dear :grinning::grinning: keep up the good work


Thank you sir.:heart_eyes:


Keep rocking n may you have everlasting success


Thank you:heart_eyes:


Thank you sir. :heart_eyes:


Congrats!!! Keep on Fiverr-ing.


Thank you very much :heart_eyes:


Is that really you in the picture? How did you end up living in Bangladesh if I may ask?