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Just got back from vacation


Hi Fiverr Family,

Just wanted to pop in and say I really enjoyed my Vacation and had a good time with some of the Church family.

Whoever thought of the vacation mode for Fiverr is a genius. High 5 to

Now it’s back to making[ Podcast Intros, Dj Drops, Voice Overs and Radio Ads.

God Bless you

  • Pastor Dre


Welcome back And Happy selling :boom:


Hi, Can I just request you to remove your profile link from the OP?
Otherwise it will be spam. :smirk:


Welcome back, Pastor!

It’s refreshing to start again after a quick break from work, regardless of how much you :heart: your job!!


What is OP? i dont understand … Will You please explain …sorry :heart:


OP is the abbreviation form of Opening Post or the Opening Poster. It is generally referred to the user who started a topic or the topic content(first post by the op). :slight_smile:

Btw, @pastordre already edited the OP.
So, thank you for that.


Hi @pastordre
I have heard that the vacation mode effect gigs were ranking. How is your experience in this regard?


@designer_pro2 Hi there still on first page for Dj drops as a matter of fact even a better position than before.


Great and thank you.