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Just got Blocked from Available Now

Even after replying my messages, I still got blocked. I guess, you have to reply and refresh. So, I am out from being available for the next 30 days. I think the five mins time is too short. And we all know that most buyers and now making use of the available now button. I guess my impression is going to be down for the next 30 days. One more suggestion, fiverr should make the refresh rate per day. For instance, if you failed to reply two messages today, it should start counting from 0 tomorrow. And not adding up to what you have missed yesterday. So basically, its 3 trials for 30 days that will be so hard not to miss in 30 days.


It’s disabled for me too. Ah well…

Even if i dont have 5 orders
its blocked me. Really a lot of gap on this beta

I’m not blocked but I have received warnings about not responding even though I’ve turned the feature off.

I got a message sent at 4AM (when “Available Now” was definitely switched off) and I still got a warning that it could be disabled if I do it 2 more times.

And yes, even though I manage to respond in the time when I am online, 5 minutes is too short for the feature.

I have yet to have an issue with it. I always have my phone on, so fiverr tells me immediately if someone starts talking and I respond back super quick. Do you have the Fiverr app?

I’ve failed to reply for 2 times but still they have blocked me. I’ve contacted CS but they couldn’t help with it. But from what I’m seeing, soon most of the people will be blocked and Fiverr have to update some rules to make it work!

Yes, I have the app and I respond even if I am in the restroom :slight_smile:

I don’t have that feature. UNLUCKY

If it’s just 1 day block or you say start from 0 tomorrow.
No body will care, and everyone will keep Available Now on even if they are not going to reply for next 24 hours.

It will completely kill the feature.
Use it just for that one hour / two hour you are completely on Fiverr
And is sure of not missing any message.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Available now gives you the power to come ober and above TRS, Supper Sellers.
So it must punish you if you don’t take it seriously.

(From my personal experience) It does happen that you seddenly got 5-6 buyers message and it’s impossible to reply them all in 5 minutes, I suggest turn off Available now first and reply everyone. Make things stable before re-enabling it.

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available now is a very good option for sellers.
but it is actually very hard to reply within 5 minutes sometimes.


My experience:

  1. The pop up notification on my desktop was late, once I click the notification and brought me to Fiverr site, the feature turn off automatically and it said that I failed replied the message under 2 minutes! :open_mouth:
  2. The message I had to reply was NOT from a new potential buyer but from the buyer that the project I was working on. I thought it will be from a new buyer only.

Would be great if Fiverr consider @stephanie200 suggestion so I can use this feature with confident, instead of being paranoid.

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I understand all that you have said. But should this feature affect recurring buyers. If it was made to apply only when you get a new buyer it would have been much better. The fact that you also get punished for a late reply from an old buyer has killed the aim of the response rate which states that you just need to reply once for the rest of the hour. And even if you lately reply subsequent messages from the same buyer, it wont affect your response rate.

Please, next time try to reply in asap. When you will go to toilet or outside then you should simply deactivate the feature

I figured out that AFTER you switch it off (I’m actually doing it whenever I leave my keyboard) you have to refresh the site. That works for me!

I completely understand the issue here, and I agree present state of Available Now is not perfect.

But I do not agree that it should not affect existing customer.
My view is a little different.

Available now is for search function
So it should only apply for those messages / people who are sourced from search.

Doesn’t matter if he is existing buyer or a new one, if he searched something and came to you through that he should get a reply within 5 minutes.
Available now should not apply to existing order / general conversations.

Yes because you fail to reply your message in 5min time or you have more than 5 other on the queue.

my slow buyers never allowed me to use it… always pending order :frowning:

I dont think so. All messages were replied in less than one minute, I carry my phone with me - even to the restroom you dig?

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Then talk to the customer service, I think they should retstore that