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Just got level 1!


I also just had someone order an article and say they were going to order more. What should I do? I want to change gigs, but I feel like I’d be cheating her. What if I offered to give her 5 for the old price, and say all the rest have to go on the new price? So far, she has only ordered one gig.


They ordered 5 articles before I changed it, so I told them that they could have those 5 at the old price, but everything new would have to be a the new price. I didn’t really change it much for right now, and it’s still and introductory offer, but I did lower the word count and add some extras and one-day service. I can’t afford to lose business right now, so I’ll increase prices incrementally for now before I hit them with the REAL price. I may still leave up a one-shot introductory order gig.