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Just got Level 2 after my second month on fiverr!


Today I just reached level 2 right at the beginning of my third month on fiverr! I am surprised at how well I have done in such a short amount of time and I hope to keep increasing my success. (but the last few days I have had a huge decrease in sales… could it be because of Halloween?)

I had looked and tried to make some money online several different ways but fiverr is the first that has really worked and I enjoy it!


Congrats. As a level non my hopes are still pinned on that level 1 position someday. :smiley:


Thank you all for the nice comments!


Well done, it is currently about as fast as anyone can earn it…so welcome to the family


very cool doc!



But I have noticed a HUGE decrease in sales in the last week. Could it be because of Halloween?


Congrats to you. I hope to achieve about the same by the end of November. I also happen to have somewhat a decrease in sales over the last week. I suppose it could be of Halloween ;))

Maybe the downtime yesterday caused a setback too. I was in the process of negotiating a gig when that happened!


Wow, I did not realize there was a down time. Was all of fiverr down? Do you know for how long?


Wow, nice job. It took me 9 months!


Congrats!!! Keep up the good work.


Congrats! Keep up the good work.


Congratulations! Very exciting to be moving up in the Fiverr world.