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Just got Level 2! - Nuts for the squirrels to celebrate! lol


Just got Level 2 - 42 minutes ago!! It’s mostly due to the squirrels so extra peanuts for them today!! haha


Congrats… but no image shows. :frowning:

You should post a pic of the little cuties, stealing peanuts from a “Fiverr Level 2” sign.



Congrats on your level 2 bro !!! Hope you remember me. :)>-


Congrats to level 2! It was a good feeling when I got it so I know how you feel


Happy day for you! Congratulations and keep up with the great work, man!


Reply to @imfamousgfx: I remember! You helped get me there too! Thanks


Reply to @regency85: The pic is just a screen shot of the level 2 congrats. Great idea…going to have to think how to do that one! Thanks!


Congrats on reaching Level 2! :D/




Thanks everyone!

  • Ray