Just got level :) here are my story for new sellers


Hi new sellers i have just got level one. I am so happy because now i am on the track which goes to Success. It took me few months to reach on level one because when i started i didn’t know how fiverr works how to create gigs and description ,keywords etc i wasted one month just like that and after two months i got my first order. My advice to new sellers that don’t lose hope it may take two months or sometimes more to get an order :slight_smile: stay positive and give your best. Now my next goal is to get on level 2 Wish me good luck and i would appreciate if top sellers want to give me some tips to get on level 2 ?


Thank you for sharing this!

Keep up good work.


Also I got Level 1 within 20 Days
Thank you for sharing about you!


Apply buyer request I am sure you will rise on your best Acme


i got 1st order on Jun-3-16 and yesterday i got level 1


Thank you for sharing this!




me too


nice , and congratulations


Nice work!


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


As a new buyer, hearing stories about success makes me want to try really hard to make my first sell. I’ve been looking for ways that I should advertise. Would you say that it is actually effective to keep applying to buyer requests? I see them appear and disappear so quickly and I never get responses. I’m thinking that maybe going to social media may be a better tactic. Feel free to share advice! :slight_smile:


Thanks, rizi! I got my 1 level in 2nd month. My next mission - get level 2 in July.


thank you for sharing this


Thanks for the tip. I will keep that in mind.


Thanks for the tip.


Congradulation brother


Congrats. Go ahead.


How you got level 1 in 20 days?? Any suggestion?


Thank you :slight_smile: Yea for new sellers the buyer requests are useful but you should also work on your gigs use good keywords for your gig