Just got mail from Success Manager on Fiverr



I just got mail from Hila, a Success Manager here at Fiverr!
I just wanna make sure this is not a spam. Here is what she wrote -

Hi arcsolutions!

My name is Hila, I am a Success Manager here at Fiverr! I specialize in helping sellers in the Flyers and Posters category improve and grow their business on Fiverr. It is a pleasure to meet you and I am excited to invite you to join this exclusive program!

As your Seller Success Manager, I am your dedicated representative and ultimate source to all things related to your business on Fiverr! I will work with you on optimizing your Gigs and improving your business as well as provide you with important information about your account and strategic advice; additionally, I will monitor all of your requests to customer support to make sure that you are getting priority service. If you wish so, I will be available to you not only via e-mail, but also through Skype chats and calls!

What do I have to do?

Your participation level is up to you! By joining, at minimum, you will have access to a Success Manager who will reach out to you monthly, with statistics and important tips to implement into your Gigs and business.

I will also be available to schedule call and/or chat sessions via Skype to come up with strategies to truly take your business on Fiverr to the next level.

What should I do to join?

Just reply and say, “yes!” But, do it soon, we only make openings available for brief periods of time. We can schedule a call/chat for an introduction, of if you want to start out communicating by e-mail, we can do that as well. My e-mail is …

I look forward to working with you!

Has anyone got the same mail before?


The email would give us the most information. Is it an @fiverr.com email address?


Have you got one?
How does it helps


Yes, it’s a legitimate program. You have the option to participate or decline it.


Hey, I can confirm your email is 100% real. Hila works with me as well. She is great.


Thanks for the confirmation.
I think I should accept the offer :sweat_smile:


Congratulations :slight_smile: Yes, accept!


Ooh congratulations!
:tada: :bouquet: :trophy: :relaxed:
I could tell if was not spam from the first line when she tells you her name–Fiverr is an Israeli company and Hilla is a typical Israeli name.
Tip: Write her some words in Hebrew. . .

Toda Raba = thank you very much

Ma shlomech? = How are you? (‘shlomech’ when talking to a female, ‘shlomcha’ when talking to a male.)

Shalom = hello, goodbye, peace.

Hugs, Maytal (May) :penguin:


Great Hila Confirmation TIPS :wink:


Yoooo I need this kind of support for my Psychic gigs ASAP :frowning:


That’s so awesome! :slight_smile: Wish all categories would have nice people like that helping great sellers out!


It’s a legit program, very helpful in improving your services here on Fiverr.