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Just got my 1000 dollars from fiverr, some tips

Hey all, Just hit the 1000 dollar mark and i thought its a good time to share my experience some tips.

Majority of this income comes from my wordpress services (along with my animation, reviewing and photography packs) and it is a challenging category. The biggest problem is; when such services are quoted, i have to -estimate- the amount i will spend on a problem the customer is facing, however most of the time we dont really know what the problem is, we only know something is not working. So a thing you might think will take 5 minutes, may end up taking hours from you.

I am a honest person and professional so i explain this in my gig description, i dont have free time to pass out, i dont have time to lose, like many of us. So in such cases, i tell my clients that I can either refund or complete the task with an extra budget. Some times, i ask the basic gig for only analyzing what the problem is, not fixing it. And trust me when i say; sometime only determining what the problem is my take hours ! If its an easy fix, modification i will do it with in a gig, if i just need 5 or 10 more, i do it and ask for the extra after i have finished instead of losing time to inform client and wait for extra payment. If they dont be honest with me and dont pay for the extra time spent, than i know this person and will not work with him/her like that anymore…

I told you all this so you understand the challenging position in these services. So how do i overcome it ?

I know what my time is worth, and in no condition i will pass that out for free. There are a lot of abusers, i give them no chances. If your doing whats right, customer support will be behind you, so dont be afraid of anything. Tell whats your time is worth and simply refuse to work who do not respect you and profession. I have many REPEAT CLIENTS, they allways came paying 10-50, because they know they are getting fast and quality services, they know it is not better to be a cheap jack and try to get the service for 5. Experienced buyers or business person know the value of a good supplier, which I can confidently say i am, and they know its worth much more to pay me 15 than go to some bad supplier, pay 5 and than pray for the work being done properly…

I am telling you how to protect yourself, because in the end of the day, its your overall time spent / money earned. So all the time your spending on presales etc are a part of your job.

Another important tip is; I offer animation services. Many people come asking for custom animations, having no idea what they cost. They see all the gigs, and think they can get something amazing for 10-15… Thats not happening unless you stick to premade guidelines of a gig… Custom animation work is very tough and time consuming too so whenever someone asks for it, before anything else I want to make sure they have a realistic budget and ask this straight forward. Give them an inital quote like, i can do this however this is not going to be any cheaper than 100 dollars. If they do have a budget, then you can discuss further and spend more time.

We all know that there are people who think they can get the world for 5, they are imagining to get a 2000 dollar worth animation for 10-20, just spend no time with them other than kindly telling them its not possible, not worth it…

Thats all for now, let me know if you have any questions and keep up the good work !

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Thank you for sharing, but when I just started out I was having similar problems like this with buyers want to pay less for the value for the work, its really an encouragement that you are up front from beginning. Best wishes.

Great information Thanks for sharing

congrat. Keep going :slight_smile:

i’m just start my first gig today :slight_smile:


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good luck !

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It’s great to see someone who stands up for their time and work, and isn’t afraid to refuse or cancel. I see that more than I’d like to, and as a beginner it had me nervous - I hope newcomers see this and keep it in mind.

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Just know your value and do not give it lower than its worth. I know that compared to fees i charge in real life, i am doing a favor to people i serve here. They should be thankful, respect and value what i offer them. I am comfident with the value of my servies so I can tell these. And if the buyer is trying to slave me for 5 dollars, i know that, that person is not worth my time and will never be sucesfull in his life because of lacking common sense…

Thanks for your valuable tips :slight_smile: Keep it in my mind.

Same here, so many buyers keep on lower price and high quality works.

What can they get for only $5?

But, sometimes i worked for them for cheap price, assuming this is for promotional cost (off course, it was not $5 only!) :))

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Honesty allways works Juli…

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Promotion done once is ok, but if they try to keep getting same rates, its another no…