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yesterday i delivred my biggest sale on fiverr, it’s a video editing for $20 (yes that’s all ! don’t laugh at me :)) ) .

i’m really happy and waiting for bigger orders.

Good luck to all

Its really nice. Hope that i will get orders too.

Congrats :slight_smile:


Reply to @mjgenius: thank you

Reply to @sunshy1: thanks

Congratulations. Give your best too :slight_smile:

Those larger orders feel so great, don’t they! Keep going…you’ll get more if you do good work.

Thatz nice… keep going…

Well done! Keep going, each step is important and you’re on exactly the right track.

Nobody’s gonna laugh at you, we all started from the base $5, I was super thrilled when I first got my $10 gig, then from time to time I get $40, if I’m really lucky I’ll get a $100 gig.

I’m sure the same will happen to you, good luck! :smiley:


No one laughs for $20 as said by @Zeus77. Actually first impression is the best moment. You can’t have that exciting moment with your 2nd Big Order. So celebrate it! Write down it in your Business Diary :slight_smile:

My biggest order was $140 (Single order) for a Web Development project.

Dream huge! Work for it :slight_smile:

Reply to @writerlisaz: Always trying to do my best :slight_smile:

Reply to @arup43: thanks

Reply to @liverpoolmusic: Thank you !

Reply to @zeus777: thank you ! i wish that too

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Reply to @luikangmk: i will for sure :wink:

me too i’m a student as developer (desktop, web, mobile) , when i will have more experience and skill and also TIME i will switch my gigs here to that

that’s something to be excited about! Congrats on reaching that milestone