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Just got my first 4.7

I do not regret though, client wanted to go over little things too much and I set my boundaries straight. I think my little freelancing mind grow up lol feeling good

Still have 5.0 rating so its cool :dark_sunglasses:


Go ahead brother, Wishing you good luck

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Wait until you get your first 1, first 2, first 3, or first 4.


Excelent dude

4.7 is good, I have 2 reviews of 4.3 stars

4.7 is not bad review. Best of Luck Go ahead brother

Hey @michal247. I can totally relate. It’s a real bomber. However, as long as you were fair and you did your best :+1:

Well done. As sellers we have to set clear boundaries.

So long as these boundaries are clearly outlined in the gig description, then we should be confident to stick to them and not be abused by buyers.

thats great, for me someone rated a 4.3 though he left an excellent review and I still got another 1 order.

That’s great…

keep working hard. All the best <3

Congratulations! Keep going forward.

congratulation & wish you all the best :heart:

That’s great. Congratulations :innocent:

Congratulations and keep up it

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