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Just got my first 4 star review :(

I feel like I deserved to get a 5- star review because I not only did a great job but my buyer didn’t ask for any revisions. Additionally, the comment he left on the review indicates that he loved the work I did. And yet he left me a 4-star review :frowning: :unamused:

I guess I just have to take comfort in the fact that the job was approved and I earned my $4


a 4 star review is an no way bad though


In the real world, it isn’t, but according to Fiverr, it’s shit!


Before, it was no big deal. Nowadays, it can turn your 4.8 into a 4.7 and get you demoted. So my advise to sellers is always remind buyers that if they’re not 100% satisfied, they can demand a revision with the modification button. I also remind them that Fiverr closes the order in 3 days.

Doing this doesn’t guarantee nobody will give you a bad review, but it lessens the change.


That’s great advice. Thanks for sharing

So long as you are providing great service and great quality work and have a decent amount of orders per month, then you are golden. a 4.8 average, which would mean if you got 20 reviews, 4 of those can be a 4-star review.

Unless you get a fair amount of angry and unruly customers every single month, then you should be OK.

Whining about how “awful” a 4-star review is when out of 10 reviews, 2 of them can be 4-star without issue, just sounds like petty whining. There is no reason why, out of 10 reviews, you should not be able to get almost all 5-star reviews and be able to accept a few 4-star reviews, or even one 3-star review out of ten.

Again, I hear a lot of complaining, but very little issue.


Normally it wouldn’t be. In high school and college, I was ecstatic if I got an 80 on an exam, but again, Fiverr has decreed that anything less than five stars is shit.


That is good idea for every one

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I don’t see how requiring sellers to keep a 4.8 average in order to keep a certain badge that doesn’t matter to your regular customers anyways is in any way overzealous. It sounds 100% reasonable to me.

You have to complete 90% or orders, and complete them on time, respond to 90% of inquiries, and keep an average of a 4.8 over a 60 day period, then you get to earn the badge. Afterwards, you have to maintain that over the course of the next 30 days until the next evaluation.

That in no way seems unreasonable or impossible to obtain.

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Oh no. You poor thing. I’m so sorry to hear that :frowning:


Well that’s can’t end your career on Fiverr 4 star is not a bad rating don’t be said stay positive and keep hard working send buyer request daily stay online complete 14 orders with 5 stars reviews so your rating will set again and it will not hurt you in future. Keep rolling!


As someone mentioned, 4 stars is great! Even 3 stars is not bad. Except on Fiverr, where anything below 4.8 is bad. Funnily enough, it’s not possible to get a 4.8 review, so if even one of the three criterias is 4, then it’s instantly 4.7.


Great advice! Thank you friend…

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Not necessarily, because if buyers order by mistake, that lowers your order completion rate and could put you under 90%.

But then again, what is great? Great is subjective, great is decided by the buyer. Doesn’t matter what you provide, only what the buyer thinks matters.

I just got demoted to level 1. My crime against humanity? 87% completion rate. Don’t know why, this month I had very few orders and only refunded two of them. Everything else was perfect, my rating was 4.9, but it doesn’t matter.

Right now I’m probably the only level 1 that has completed 7,000 orders, made $65,000, and earned 4,000 reviews. 3,686 5-star, 361 4-star, 111 3-star, 51 2-star, 38 1-star.

I had 14 gigs, a level 1 is only allowed to have 10 gigs, so I had to pause 4 gigs that had made me $2,062 and had ratings between 4.8 and 5.0. Although I admit the 5.0 gig only had 2 reviews.

So you see? I’m being forced to stop making money! Isn’t that fun? It’s like owning 14 stores and having to close 4, not because the 4 don’t make money but because of some automatic leveling that ignores individual performance.

So what happens after I’m demoted to level 0? Will I have to pause 5 more gigs?

“Our levels are based on performance. Your account will be evaluated on the 15th of each month, so you can always turn things around and re-earn the badge and benefits.”


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:



I’m a Udemy instructor, and there was a discussion about ratings because on Udemy if your free course is under 4-stars, it’s removed from the marketplace.

Someone pointed out that in COUNTRY, for one example not to pick on the people of a specific country (although I have a specific country in mind…), there’s a cultural “meme” (contagious thought) that nothing is ever perfect. You never get 100% on an exam, for example. So someone teaching classes in COUNTRY LANGUAGE would be more likely to only get 4 stars or lower on criteria from those students. Harsh critics I guess.

So say a Fiverr doer/seller translates COUNTRY LANGUAGE documents and deals with many people who are from that COUNTRY, their ratings would automatically be lower simply due to cultural rating bias. Nothing wrong with their work (it can be “excellent” and even “exceed expectations” and be “highly professional”) — it’s just that in their eyes nothing is ever perfect and their choice is either 5-star perfection or 4-star exceeds expectations — and they’ll never see it as “perfection”. In their culture, perfection doesn’t exist.


I hear this often too, and I doubt it’s something that is as common as people think. How do you click several buttons by mistake?

That’s how Customer Service works. I learned this while flipping burgers.

Probably. Don’t get to level 0 then.

Surprisingly easily it would seem. :wink:

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I hear people complain about it as if it was a normal occurrence, but out of 260 total orders, I never had a single client that was like “Oops, I inputted my debit card information by mistake!”

In a similar way, I’ve never had a chargeback. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some buyers do funny things.