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Just got my first order and 5 star review!

Hey, all,
I just wanted to say I recently received my first order on Fiverr and I couldn’t me more thrilled about it; happy to be part of the Fiverr community and can’t wait to work more!
Hope everyone is doing well.
I think people in this market should hopefully see in an increase in business during the pandemic, thoughts?



Congrats ! Welcome to fiver community!

Thank you, my man!!!

Yes, i’m aggree with your Opinion

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Congratulation! great job!

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Thanks i hope the same for you!!

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Congratulations <3 hope you will get more.

I am a new comer.After knowing about your success I am also hopeful for my success through this platform.

Congratulations and keep on hustling…

Thanks Im working on it!

It was a minor success and haven’t seen anything since then, but it was still nice and Im glad I did the buyer justice. Hopefully we’ll both get more business asap

Thanks brotha you as well. Much love.