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Just got my first order!

Hi! I just got my first order and im soo happy. I got it by sharing my work on social media (specifically We Heart It). The customer left a 5 star rating and the order shows as completed, but what i dont understand is why does the amount i earned show as Pending Clearence? and that it will be done clearing until May 26 ??

Here’s my gig just in case someone wants to check it out:


CONGRATS! Keep Up The Good Work!

And Also The Payment Takes 14 days to clear into your fiverr balance!

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Thank You!! I didnt know that

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congratulations for your achievement and to continue more sales. That is one of the ways to protect yourself from stalkers, to withhold the profit rate for several days (14) until you have it available for retirement.

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Congratulations and wish you all the best :slight_smile:
Yup, You need to wait for 2 weeks for funds clearance after completion of every order.

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God Bless You complete your order early and get a 5-star review

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Congratulations. Best wishes for you