Just got my First Tip for an Order I completed


Hi Everyone,
I have a good news to share with all of you. I just got my First Tip for an Order I completed recently.
The product which was delivered made the buyer so happy that she tipped me in addition to the Order Amount.
This makes me so happy to finally see myself growing on the Fiverr Platform.
To whoever reading this. Keep working and all the best!!


It was really nice reading this, good job! :smiley:
I remember first time i got my tip after writing and proofread a Swedish article. It felt so great!


Awesome! Keep working and growing!!


Congratulations :slight_smile: may you have more success.


Thank you and same to you.


I am overjoyed with your success. Shine on! :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


Same to you and all the best.


Work hard and you surely will get big tips that will make you very much happy!


Good job!! More power to you! :heart:


congratulation :dancer::dancer:
how long does it take to get your first order?


Thank you and same to you. Best wishes.


Thank you. I was inactive for about 3 years on Fiverr. But when I came back and modified the gigs and got it all rolling it took me 10 Days to get my First Order. :slight_smile:
All the Best to you as well.