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Just got my first warning from Fiverr

I wanted to buy appealing gig images for gigs I wanted to create, so I posted buyer request and after few hours my buyer request got unapproved status and I received warning from fiverr.

The buyer request description - “I need minimal, professional images for my 3 new gigs.”

I have no idea how I breached TOS with that, althought I readed TOS few times. Can you help me?


Oh, so sorry that happened to you but fiverr do not allow fiverr gigs services like buying writing description and creating images etc.


However they are handling the vetting process to post requests is clearly faulty and not working. I once had a request denied too, I didn’t get any warnings but I was appalled on how genuine requests get flagged while some that clearly do not belong them stay up for a long time.

I think I’d take that up with Customer Support. Good luck!


Is this for real? I get it why they wouldn’t be okay with descriptions, as I’ve read yesterday on a different post that could be perceive as misrepresenting our communication skills, but images too?

I mean the OP is working on a field completely unrelated to image editing/creating/design.

Another example of Fiverr throwing the baby out with the bathwater



They might have also thought (incorrectly) that you were advertising your gigs in the BR section (maybe based on keywords). You could contact CS. Maybe a mistake was made.


Yes, it is real, fiverr allow these type of services in past but now fiverr restricts it but I can see gigs offering creating fiverr gigs images.


Of course I contacted CS, there’s no way I would not want explanation from them. Im giving them 20% earnings and spend money as a buyer. And they just send me warning like “you breached tos for whatever, be better next time or you gonna get banned” like they were just sending paper plane to a friend at the office.


Are you sure there is nothing as explanation of why you are receiving a warning? That is strange. Pls keeps us informed how it will end.


Yes I didn’t received any proper explanation. I only got this worthless message without explaining anything:

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Well, to be fair this warning could also be related to something else. At this point you’re just assuming it was due your request.

Follow up with CS, cause if it was due to your request you may be able to have them revert it, but if it is something else, you may get a second warning without realizing what the first warning was for.

Imagine being pulled over and let off with a warning, but asked not to repeat “this” violation otherwise you’d be in trouble…but not being given any explanation at what exactly you did/violated. That’s crazy!


That’s why im not considering Fiverr long term, cause one day they can ban you without any explanation and you won’t be even given a chance to defend. Fiverr is giving lots of warnings from algorithm and not many cases are handled by real people.

For example Sellers are getting warnings because they included “communicate outside Fiverr” keyword in their messages, and algorithm doesn’t care if the actual message written by seller was “We can’t communicate outside Fiverr because it’s against Fiverr TOS”.

Im only here to gain experience in my field, earn some side money and help people. There’s no way im gonna stay here more than two years.

Imagine having 5000$+ a month business running on Fiverr, and then you get banned because you posted buyer request wanting to get gig images for your gigs or some other dumb stuff :rofl:


Though they’re normally checked by Fiverr/trust and safety team I think. I’ve had a few inbox messages auto-flagged and then it later said “we’ve approved the message” and I didn’t get an actual warning for saying whatever keywords I’d said.

If they’re giving them warnings for that maybe it’s a recent thing and due to staff shortages where they’re not checking the messages manually properly.


Why not just use search and pick best according to portfolio? What kind of images you need? Why would you use BR when you know the system, 90% doesn’t read what you want, just blindly replies.


I take main gig images very seriously, I think it’s most important thing which can make potential buyer click on your offer. There’s no way im putting samples here, I always put samples only on 2rd and 3rd gig image. That works best for me, for main gig image I use my photo and gig title covered with nice colors. That’s why I needed graphic designer.

Contact with fiverr. Describe them.I hope they will give you best suggeston

Fiverr doesn’t allow the GIG image which you buy or download from any site. Then your image will be more chances to copy.

And you have a wide selection of them on Fiverr. No need to go on BR and hope you will get the best one for the job to apply and to apply fast.
You should use the search feature in graphic design section and pick the seller to work with.

Not true. If you are not selling GD or animation you can hire GD to make you a unique custom professional thumbnail.

It is not allowed that you mislead potential buyers by putting an artistic display of another user to indicate your skills in animation or design.

A persons who offer to proofread, voice-over, writing etc. can all use GD to create perfect portfolio images for them.
It is called advertising.

If GD purchases LOGO from another GD and puts it in his GIG description, that is against TOS.

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So basically you can buy gig image if you are not into graphic design field?

Yes. If you are not selling it, you can buy it.