Just Got Promoted To a Level 2 Seller!


So I woke up this morning with a few different emails on my phone! I noticed a few were from fiverr!

I opened the first one, it was an order! That was nice

Second one said “is it a bird, is it a plane, its fiver” you have been promoted to a level 2 seller!

Omg i am soo happy and ive already had a couple of orders today!

I hope This will help me get more sales as i am now a level 2 seller!

Thank you customer support for all your help and everyone on this forum for their advice!

And thats my fiverr story!




Thank You Guys


Cool. Congrats @speciallity

Keep on keepin’ on.


I just got level 2 also! woot woot


BOOOOOOM ! You’re on your way to TRS!


I recently got lv. 2 too ^____^


Well done @spamgod and caiterz!

And thank you @ozzieuk!