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Just got ripped off by a spellcaster on fiverr

ABOUT ONE hour ago, some British woman named “W*************” took my money and debited my VISA card, twice, in the amount of $ 17.09, meanwhile she won’t respond to any of my five emails sent to her and the head office of FIVERR won’t respond to my email complaint, either ? What type of bullsh*t is that ? I asked the British gal for a money spell, but it is clear that the only way that she makes money is by poaching peoples credit cards !

Ive asked the management of fiverr to give me a complete refund, but again, they avoid my emails !

Has anyone had any dealings with W*****************K and if you know her, can you give me her direct phone number or cell phone number. I would like to give her a piece of my mind, actually.

Meanwhile, this is my first experience with fiverr dot com and it turned out to be a disaster. Do not do business with the above mentioned spellcaster, as she is a fraudster ?
many thanks,

Sabumnim (R.J.)

below is the transaction records for the two fraudulent transactions made earlier this morning.

06/18/2020, 5:05 AM

PENDING - FIVERR.COM - 1175442461

06/18/2020, 4:53 AM

PENDING - FIVERR.COM - 1175441779


I hope that some people will respond to this, because, if you are not part of the solution, then, you are part of the problem ?

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Amazing, No response, yet ? Is anyone on this forum, or is it a forum for puppets.

Sorry that happend to you!
You need to remove seller name that is agains forum rules ! please do it now !

About fiverr customer support, they takes about a week to respond because of COVID and they will surely help you out !

It’s 3:39 am where I Live and I have to go to sleep. So far, this dot com is not very impressive at all. It sounds like an old, regurgitated version of the former ebay, where fraud was rampant and the public was getting ripped off and their money taken from them.

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Only you can process your payment from your debit card, how you can say that 2 were made by seller ?
Did you ordered directly from gig ? or she shared you custom offer?

I just showed you the transactions on my online visa account. I dont know the why or the how, except that it happened and my visa card is 36 bucks in the hole for services that I did not receive. Meanwhile, not a single response from the seller. It’s 11:43 am Greenwich mean time. She has seen my emails but is too proud to respond to them. very arrogant behaviour.

Did you shared your card details with her

Communicating with someone outside fiverr is against ToS

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no ! It says you should not do that !

Sellers do not have any access to your funds. Sellers only get paid two weeks after the order marked as completed. Untill then Fiverr holds your money.


Then, how did she swipe your card?

well, someone from fiverr should respond my emails, then.

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You can use the resolution centre to cancel the order

I did a cancellation, how long does it take to get my money back !

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hi, i noticed you waited about 4 minuted for a response before saying great, no response and so forth. you’re gonna have to be a little more patient then that. perhaps get some sleep, and maybe she’ll have responded to you in the morning and all will be cool?

i’m in the UK and it;s about midday here. she may even have a que for all you know. honestly, i would relax, enjoy your shoes, see how things look in the morning


well ! I am sorry you lost $36 but you cant say that transaction were made by seller…and they still shows pending so you may get them back in next 24 hours !

Sorry this happened to you … and I understand and sympathise with your anger.

Fiverr can be a bit buggy sometimes. Sometimes it refuses to take a payment at all … and sometimes it takes more than one. This has nothing to do with the seller and is completely out of their control.

Please be patient with CS - they are overwhelmed at the moment and it can take some time for them to get back to you. They will sort it out though.

Please be polite with CS - they’re doing their best under difficult conditions right now … everyone understands why you feel angry, but taking it out on them won’t help. They’ll have to pass it on to the tech team, who are also struggling right now. And yes, Fiverr should employ more agents at this time but they haven’t so we are all dealing with the consequences.

Good luck!


Kindly check if you placed any orders with the seller. if you have an ongoing order, you can cancel that using resolution center.
Go to and search " How to cancel an order on fiverr" and you will see the procedure.

If that doesnt work for you then contact CS and tell them to cancel your order, they will do it for you. No problem all at and your transaction will be cancelled and the money will be back in your account.

unfortunately, if you contacted her outside fiverr then nothing can be done.

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Don’t worry, I will make sure to blacklist this web site and tell all of my contacts not to do any business with fiverr dot com !

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