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Just got scammed

I placed an order with a fiverr seller three days ago and he posted the delivery as delivered without delivering the product. I contacted fiverr. Be careful with this scammer. I wish Fiverr had a phone number so I could contact them immediately. He stole my $85.

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He can’t steal them because money are handled by fiverr and seller receive funds only 14 days after the order was marked completed.
You can also ask for cancellation through resolution center and see if your seller will agree to cancel while you are waiting for CS to reply.

Please also remove a link to his account. It’s against forum rules

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I opened a support ticket with Fiverr. I contacted the seller again but he doesn’t reply.

:point_down: contacted is different from opening a dispute

I opened a dispute in the resolution center. It just feels bad knowing I got scammed… I wish fiverr had a phone number so I could contact them direct. It’s good to know they hold the funds for 14 days. Thank you for this information.

who knows what actually happened …

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