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Just graduated and paid my tuition using Fiverr!


Hello everyone, in a mere few days I will officially be a university graduate with NO DEBT thanks to Fiverr! Since I started my account 2 years ago at 18 years old I managed to generate $40,000 which I used to pay off tuition and for necessities such as clothes and food.

I highly recommend that all high school students check out Fiverr so they can get a head start on paying tuition! :smile:


Wow! Congratulations for all your achievements! :slight_smile:


That’s so amazing!! :smiley: Congratulations!


:slight_smile: Thank you both! :slight_smile:


You got :poop: done! As the new Fiverr motto would say.


Wow, well done. That truly is a great achievement. I have to just say that there are people that are motivated and work their butts off and they make it in life.

If you can utilize a marketplace like Fiverr and pay for your studies like that I would be so intrigued to see where you are in life in another 5 years!