Just Graduated to Level 1 Seller, Thanks this Forum


I have just GRADUATED TO LEVEL 1 SELLER. The members of this forum helped me much to be on track of fiverr’s TOS. Thanks to all members who helped. Special thanks to offlinehelpers. You are a really a saint.
My first sale started on 25 July 2017
Seller 1


Congratulations, i also want to get level 1 badge, still waiting for getting order.
Hope i will also get it


Congratulations… you have done a very good job.as a new seller I am also looking forward to get more orders.


Congratulations man… Keep it up.


Pinned to make sure @offlinehelpers sees it :wink:


Well done! Knew you’d get there - next level 2, and then the world! :grinning:


Now you are my idol, I am working at getting there. hopefully soon. :running_woman: Here I am running to catch up to you.


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your cooperation. Keep your eyes up on me so that I would not lose myself in the clay of some corrupted buyers.