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Just had my First Order Cancellation today!

The buyer came from nowhere and texted me that he’s interested working with me and all that. He wanted me to design a poster and showed me a sample which was poorly designed and the text alignments were horrible. He told me if I could fix it and do a better job and I’ve agreed to it. I literally had to explain to him how to make an order and after a while, as I’ve shown him my progress, he made a dispute telling that’s not what he wants. I’ve designed it exactly like he told me and it was an easy one, how can he made a dispute about not meeting his demands!?! I’ve accepted his dispute without any further explanation and now feeling angry!

Now my question is, what would anyone do in my place? … I need to know as situations like this can happen again and I want to be prepared next time.
Also, will mutual cancellation hurt my gigs impression?

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Ugh! Sorry to hear that! Boy would that be frustrating…

I can say in my experience that mutual cancellations always go better with an extreme amount of politeness. It sounds like you handled that pretty well! But never be mean to a customer, even if they’re the biggest jerk in the world!

Hope for much better luck in your future gigs!


I had thid like 6 times now. The first time I was so upset but now its cool.
Some of them just take your service for free then they cancel the order and there is nothing you can do about it. I even followed some of them on facebook where he used my video (which he did not like and canceled the order of) on his page! I contacted facebook and claimed the copyright.

This kind of cancellation will not hurt your gig if you are going well on most of your service.
So relaxed and take it easy, this thing is part of working on fiverr!


Thanks for your advice!! I’ve tried to be as much polite as I could! Hope I have the strength to tolerate all jerks like him!

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Thanks!! You did the best thing claiming the copyright!
I’m also a victim of scam I think! I’ve taught him how to order a gig 1/2 hours ago and suddenly he learns how to open a dispute! But unlike you, I’ll have to sit back and do nothing. :frowning:
Glad to know it won’t hurt my gig! I was mainly worried about that!

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