Just had one of those picky customers


There was this customer that wanted to replicate a pdf template to a word document.

He told me he wanted it exactly as the pdf. Gave me the font, the size, and everything.

I did as he asked and did a video showing that the changes were made. For some reason, he said that they were not the same when it’s identical to each other.

Long story short, I got my first 1 star review for a job that was done exactly as he asked. I put in my review and explain my side of the story but that no longer show on my profile reviews.

SO now I’m worried people will think I didn’t do the job when in fact I did and stated why but it’s not showing on my review page. Will this affect future orders?


I can see it. :thinking:

You have a lot of good reviews. I do not think buyers base their decision whether to buy from you or not based on one review. You will be fine. :wink:


ok thanks. I was a bit worried because I can’t see my reviews at all. But it you can see it, it’s good.

I did a good job on the document but this customer just wasn’t having it.


There just is no pleasing some people.


Your response to the buyer is only on the gig page, not on the profile page, perhaps that’s what got you worried?


Maybe, I just hope that it doesn’t affect my rating.


It might affect your rating but you did your best, and buyers will understand. If you explained it in your review, most buyers will take your side, best of luck with your orders and may you never have to go through this experience again.