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Just had the worst experience with a Buyer on Fiverr since 2011

Someone ordered one of my illustration gigs yesterday. He bought some gig extras: Extra fast (24 hours), extra detailed, source file ($50 in total). And I delivered the order in less than a couple of hours after the Extra fast deadline, because I had some issues with my internet. This usually never happens as I always make sure I deliver before the deadline.

So… I put a lot of time into the drawing and delivered it as soon as I could …

…and he got really mad… REALLY mad. I don’t understand why. He sent a cancellation request and he asked for a refund after I delivered. I explained to him why I was a bit late in the most polite way and then he kept accusing me of lying and sent screenshots to me of the countdown timer with the LATE. So I accepted the cancellation request and now I feel like I shouldn’t have wasted an hour on his drawing! He just got a free drawing. I feel so used.

I’m always polite with my buyers because most of them are very understanding but this is the first time I’ve ever come across such a RUDE customer since 2011!

If I had declined his cancellation request I’m sure he would leave a Negative Review without talking to me about it. I’m really pissed off, pfffff…

What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had with a Buyer on Fiverr?

This is how people act these days :slight_smile: You can’t do much about such scammers .

People are terrible sometimes.

I had a guy once tell me I was a joke basically then was upset I got defensive and followed it up by telling me I was a social experiment. There are some rotten people out there. Hope you can shake it off.

Sorry to hear… But I have a cancellation story as well, A buyer ordered my gig by mistake (without contacting me) So I still thanked the buyer for the order and let them know that at present I do not offer such a service. The buyer then said I should cancel the order and let their reliable VA do the work, so I am thinking if you had a reliable VA why would you order a gig that doesn’t match the criteria that you want, so I told the buyer that I would try doing it (thank God for Google) and match the rate with what I offer for $5, so I delivered and this buyer still left a negative review (Thank God I showed CS what happened, and its since gone) but I mean these buyers are very tricky some of them want you to work for free I remember a particular buyer told me that he is working with a budget for $5 lol and you can imagine the work…

I’ve had several people order time consuming $300 jobs and when I delivered them they’d say they don’t like it (but I find they use it anyway) and instead of asking to do it again they cancel it. Just to get free work. It’s really annoying and Fiverr is often not on the sellers side it seems. I’ve had two negative reviews from people who liked and used my work but wanted more for free that I wasn’t willing to give. Unfortunately Fiverr refused to remove the negative reviews even though it was obviously the buyer trying to manipulate me into free work by threatening to leave negative reviews on all of my orders with him. Very frustrating, but the positives outweigh the negatives! So that’s good!

I even had a buyer refuse to accept a refund for the project when he was upset because I wouldn’t add more extras on for free. He actually told me that he didn’t want to cancel it because then his negative review wouldn’t remain on my page and the “ethical” thing to do, according to him, was lie and make me look like a bad seller when in fact he was just upset that I stuck to my gig description and didn’t do extra for free. I asked Fiverr to remove this one too, but they refused. That’s something I can’t relate to though. I’ve had some bad sellers on Fiverr for gigs I’ve purchased and I would never leave a bad review. No matter how bad it is. Some people just like to tear others down, I guess. But we can have faith in the many good buyers we have, right? ??

I share the sentiments @thebooklady if I buy and no matter if the work is bad per say I would never leave a negative review, because I know what its like from a seller’s perspective, i’d rather work with, until the seller is on par with what I requested.