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Just hit level 2 and about to conquer level 3!


Hello to all those ambitious Fiverr Sellers out there! Today I proudly announce my rise to the prestigious 2nd Fiverr level. My customer service is still holding strong. My buyers are quite appreciative of my work and I’ve even managed to be tipped for my services…no pun It’s 1:47 A.M. and I am taking a break from the BIO’s and Jingles to deliver this awesome news that Fiverr has informed me of. As I stare at this long list of upcoming gigs I can’t help but feel ful-filled in taking a step closer to my dreams of independence and recognition. I’ll be reviewing the new features and opportunities that open up as well as following up on previous sales…(IF YOU DON’T DO THAT I SUGGEST YOU DO. IT HELPS LEADS TO MORE GIGS) If you’ve ever bought a car from a car salesman, or was one yourself like muah, then take a note from their book. They follow up with customers who were either just looking, in the process of buying, or even customers who bought cars a while back…just to see if they would like to trade in and upgrade. You too can get a previous customer to “UPGRADE” their gig. Give it a try and good luck on your gigs.


Good news. Keep up the good work.


i am a level 1 seller but I am eager to know what all new features are available to level 2 sellers… can u plzz tell me?


congrats to level 2, keep it up.