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Just hit Level 2 today! Woohoo!

After 70 days of using Fiverr, I’m now a Level 2 Seller and I couldn’t be more pleased! I initially signed up to Fiverr as a buyer because I was in need of some vocals for a track I was working on. I saw how many different services were offered, and I thought to myself, “I could do that, too.” So, I scratched my head, gave it some time, and started coming up with ideas of things I could do for people here on Fiverr.

I never thought that I would have made it to be a Level 2 Seller with over 90 sales in 70 days! I’ve been able to make about $100 a week since I’ve started selling, and it feels great! I cringe when I think of the time I wasted with Facebook or Reddit when I could have been more productive and working with the amazing people here on Fiverr.

My next goal is to reach $1,000 net in sales, and the way things are going, I’ll hit that mark soon enough! My ultimate goal is to use the money I make here on Fiverr to pay off my credit card (2.5K). And after that, to save up money for a family vacation! Yay!

To everyone out there on Fiverr, buyers and sellers, thank you for keeping this website and community strong!

Well congratulations to you! That’s awesome :slight_smile:

Reply to @alliemadison12: Thank you!!!


Best “Rock” Wishes!

Reply to @drribroshan: Thanks! :smiley:

Reply to @julipalmer7: ??? “Rock” wishes? Thanks anyway, haha!

Great work! Go ahead. Working on Fiverr is the best way to achieve goals. :smiley:

No problem!