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Just Hit Lvl2 :) Here is my experience so far!

I learned that completing 50 orders in 2 months is a really big challenge. It’s harder when you have a daytime job and your gigs are all hand-drawn.

Everything they say is true about making more sales on Fiverr. Being kind to customers, helping them as much as you can is the key. Timing and quality of the work must be as promised. That earned me an unexpected wom, people told me they saw my work somewhere and wanted their own doodles :slight_smile:

Out of Fiverr, I started a Tumblr blog recently and used IFTTT to automatically post my reviews there. Did the same for the twitter too. That helped a lot.

I am not sure if that’s a fact but I observed that the more unique the gig is, the more people want to have it. I have a flat icon gig too but it’s not that popular, I believe that’s because there are too many similar gigs with cheaper prices and TRS.

If you have any questions I am ready to answer as much as I can.

Thank you for reading

Good luck with your progress :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m working on fiverr from last 7 months. and I’m send buyer request daily basis. I’m promote my gigs on daily basis on social media But I don’t known why I’m not receive orders.
Sorry for my English.

Asad zia

Thanks for the tips, is your a custom IFTT template?

Yes it’s custom, I just published it so you can use if you want to. Here is the link:

Hello :slight_smile: I preferred to focus on one subject instead of too many different services. I focused on promoting only one thing this way.

And you may want to change your titles and descriptions. Just try to find the right thing. Like I will design really cool t-shirts or something :)Whatever brings more attention.

Good luck

Congrats Sincova :).

Congrats :slight_smile: i did that in 1 month and about 10 days :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s impressing :slight_smile: Thank you ^-^

how does this recipe help? I am also seller level 1 and working to reach level 2. but have no idea of using tumblr or twitter to promote my fiverr gigs. any help would be appreciated

I am very new to fiverr, and hope I can reach lvl one first


I am new to Fiver. I’ve been trying to follow all the good advise around to make my gigs attractive to the potential clients but still I am a unable to get any orders even the impressions on my gigs are not very impressive can you please check my gig and suggest some tips:

The Buyer Request section is for buyers to request services. It’s a place for sellers to find clients. So instead of “requesting buyers”, you should be offering your services to the buyers who post on there :slight_smile:

Awesome story! I’ve had a similar experience. I’ve only been active on Fiverr® since October. I made my account in February, and sort of left it alone. Once I began to take a look at the community of sellers and strategize my services with client satisfaction as a priority, I’ve had great success.

Took a look at your profile, and I favorited you Gig™. I’ll definitely be ordering soon for a series of YouTube videos I’m making to promote my services; I think your style is just what I need.

Your gigs are cute. I believe you’ll reach there in no time :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong with your gig. But there are too many similar services. You may want to spice it up a little maybe. Like an inspirational quotes version? :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: Will be waiting your message ^-^

I have been struggling just to hit level 1 lol Oh well I just gotta keep on pushin I guess lol. I am going to create a twitter account for my fiverr here soon so hopefully that will help :).

P.S Congrats :smiley: