Just how many Keywords can we use in each gig now? I'm struggling to find the right words now


I’m only able to add three keywords for my gigs now, is that the same for everyone else. That seems awful low. I am struggling to find the right keywords to use.

Example, is it best to use “Video Intro” instead of “Video” and “intro” which limits your number of words to use more.

Fiverr’s system still isn’t that great as when you search certain words, you get way too many unrelated results.


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks, At first I was able to use five keywords, now it’s stopping me at three. What browser are you using. IE is a total failure but Firefox allows me to make my changes. I don’t care for Chrome, they are super nosey, lol.


Reply to @kjblynx: I suppose I’ll have to use them for this. Google just connects all your business. They scare me :wink: