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Just Increased gig impressions, clicks, views in one day only that is double of total impressions of previous week! BUT NO ORDER

I’ve some Questions
1: Let suppose I’ve 100 impressions, 2 views and 3 clicks on my gig from last week BUT SUDDENLY in one night, my impressions, views and clicks are almost double. How it is ? Is it means that fiverr boost my gig? but no order received and now after one night, again I am receiving impressions, views and clicks in normal speed.

2: The screenshot I’m attaching is the report of my last 15 days. what your experience says that how much impressions, views, clicks I have? Is it good ? Why I am not receiving any order after that. Please note that I am just looking for suggestions but I am not loosing patience :slight_smile:

Here is my account link:

All of your suggestions / recommendations are highly welcomed :slight_smile:

In my experience, some gigs produce orders after 1K impressions. It may be coincidence, but I’ve seen it happen on some of my own gigs. It mostly depends on the category that it’s in and the number of competitors in that category.

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I just updated description in pricing section (of gig related to domain & hosting). Can you again review my gig if it is ok now? or further instructions sir?

yeah! Thank you for your help BUT how we can maintain our gigs in a manner that they increase impressions day by day without having any order. because I think if I am unable to get order in one month, my gig performance will be almost stop

You’ve got to check the basic boxes to get traffic to your gig page. First thing is to ensure you’ve got keywords and phrases that are relevant to your gig where they need to be (title and description). Also, ensure you aren’t already in an over-saturated market, the more competitors you have, the harder your gig has to work to get to the top.

I see that most of your gigs are in crowded categories. I checked one of them and you’ve got between 6000 - 10000 other people to compete with. Don’t expect that people will find you so easy. You have to point them to you.

If you want to get more eyes on your gig and score your first order, check the Buyer Requests section. That’s where most sellers get their first order, unless you have clients that you can tell about Fiverr and make them order here.


Thank you for such a nice suggestions!

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