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Just join fiverr community and a little worried because of many good specialists. Is it hard to have an order for game artist?

Is low prise 5$ only one way to have an first order?

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Your topic title and your post don’t really match.

I’ll try to answer your question.

There’s MILLIONS of freelancers here on Fiverr so there’s a lot of competition.

Be sure to visit the Terms of Service to learn more about how Fiverr works and do some reading. There’s a great section here on the Forum called “Fiverr Tips” and you will learn a lot there.

Good luck.


What’s fun with art is that it’s subjective. There is, in my opinion, way better illustrators than me on Fiverr, yet I get buyers and I don’t sell for 5$. There will always be someone who prefer your style, even if you think there are better artists than you out there. :wink:

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