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Just joined and I'm thoroughly confused


I need someone to design a logo for my business. There’s way too much info to sort through. Why is it so convoluted?


Are you meaning there are too many buyers to choose from? Choice is good! Have look around and see if anyone’s offering what you need, if not, then you could try buyer requests,

Hope you find what you;re looking for - good luck!


Thanks for commenting! What I mean is, I can’t tell how to post a request. There are too many ‘rabbit trails’ to understand how to get started.


Got you! Now, I’ve never placed a buyer’s request, but I’m sure many others have and can tell you which pitfalls to avoid.

If buyer requests isn’t for you, why not just do a search of all the relevant gigs - you might find what you’re looking for without the hassle of buyer requests.


Aha! Yes, that makes sense. I’ll do that.


Good stuff - hope you find a suitable gig!


Welcome to Fiverr. Just type “logo” in the Fiverr search bar and you will find lots of gigs to choose from. Hope you find a seller to produce a great logo for your business. :slight_smile:


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I wasn’t promoting myself. I was commenting on how confusing the site is for new users.


Don’t worry - it wasn’t you who was promoting yourself - you were asking a question.

It was pointdeisgn who was promoting themselves by offering their services - not on!


It was me, sorry mod :slight_smile: Didn’t know that.


I’m not a mod, just thought I’d better explain - have a read of this so you know what’s allowed and what’s not:

Good luck!


Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:
I know you’re not, it was just a reply to the thread.


I’ll go with a local business instead. Thank you for the input.


Best of luck whatever you choose - cheers for now.


good luck :ok_hand:
Best of luck whatever cheers for now.


That’s not terribly original is it?


Here’s the link again which might help you use the forum in a better way:


:slight_smile: Are you sure your local business is not registered in Fiverr too? Check you might find them too. Good luck,

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