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Just joined fiverr any help will be appreciated

Hello, I just started my fiverr account yesterday can you guys view my profile and gigs for any correction and modification,till now no views or clicks .I want to make fiverr my full time job, can put up as much hard work as this demands but as a premature I need some guidance

Will someone please review my gigs and profile no single comment or order till now.Thank you

Here’s the best advice I can give you.
DO NOT STEAL images from other people.
Your sample image belongs to a level 2 seller.
If you steal or lie, it will get exposed pretty quickly especially when you ask for
help here at the forum.
I’ll be notifying the seller and the Fiverr staff.

Thank you for your response sir. I think you were talking about the logo 1st image,just removed and I didn’t stole it,sorry to say but you chose the wrong term . I have joined fiverr for my business and it is obvious business doesn’t stand long on the pillars of lies. That image is was their in my computer from past 6 months ,it is quite abundant in google image . My intent was neither of stealing or lying. Thank you