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Just joined fiverr! can you help me?

Hi there! I’m giulio and i just joined fiverr today. Do you ave any secrets or tips for me?


Welcome. Check this out:


Welcome to Fiverr and forum. Good luck :+1:



Here is a tip: Read the Forum rules to stay out of trouble here:

Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

If we told you they would not be secret anymore! :scream:

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Hi Giulio, I live in fiverr just from few time and I’m waiting my first order yet, but I feel to tell you that the most important thing here is follow the suggest of the old seller and work hard. The first weeks try to create gig for any your capacity and go on Fiverr academy. One suggest for you :wink: download the fiverr app on your phone so you can stay on line and check often the buyer request. Good life in fiverr!

Hope to see your success near future! Welcome to the FIVERR. :seedling:

First and foremost, welcome to the community, Giulio!

As for tips, I suggest you have only one niche on which you want to focus on in your profile. Providing multiple gigs is fine, even recommended, but try to keep them associated. For example, if you decide to do Social Media Marketing you can have a gig that is about Content Creation and one that is about Page Management. (Check my profile as I am in your niche).

About the quality of your gigs, there is a lot to be said and I recommend you to read the resources that are in the “Fiverr Tips” section, you can find mine there as well: 2 Lessons for the Perfect Gig.

If you are not willing to put in the work and hustle success will be hard to achieve in such a competitive environment as Fiverr.

Best of luck in the future, Giulio!

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I’d have to disagree with you on the buyer request advice.

From my experience, excwpt otherwise, buyers like it when you go into details explaining how you’d get their needs met or how you’d be providing solutions to their request.

If they ask that you check a link out or download a video or use a particular word in your response to their request, do so and tell them what you’ve found out from the link, attached document etc.

That way, you’d buy your way into their hearts and they’d be willing to contact you from the lots of many who have bidded way before you did.

That’s just a tip of the everything I’ve learnt from using the buyer request feature.

So again, what matters most is not that your response to any bid is short, but that you have a clear understanding of how you’d execute and provide the required result.


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yes . secret tips is try more & more. 100% confident need to you. do patience. i hope you good success.

You are welcome to Fiverr.
Deliver more than what the buyer wants. Promote your gig on social media.

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You are right about this, but depends on niche, the one who barely gets enough time for posting a website building job is busy.

But the one who is writing a copyright, is a different story.

Nothing is absolute. Everything changes

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Good point made too here @arafatjamil01

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Welcome to fiverr. give your best and happy earning.