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Just Joined Fiverr & want to do it for full time. Is it a good Idea?

Being an Excel Expert I thought to extend my services worldwide & what could be better than Fiverr.
Is it a good idea to do it for full time when I have 8 years of job experience & well settled.


If this means that you are well settled in a job suggest that you try Fiverr out but do not leave your job.

It can take a long time to build up a Fiverr business.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your valuable advice…really appreciate that. :blush:


I suggest the same as @lloydsolutions

Start it as a second source income, than later decide if it’s better to make it full time or not



Personally I don’t because full-time is too risky with the possibility of chargebacks, other unjustified refunds, plus the 20% cut Fiverr takes.

On top of that your business in part depends on algorithms to reach people and get sales and the algorithms are largely out of your control. So I would not do full-time in any services marketplace.

And it takes time to build a successful business here, even if you are in-demand, professional and skilled in sales and marketing. It’s not like a product marketplace because your skills and time are the product, so you can’t scale it infinitely. You are limited by time and energy.


Keep your day job and do Fiverr on the side.


That’s really great,keep of luck.


Really thanks for such elaborated comment. It defines a lot.
Since I’m on medical leave for last 3 months, I had plenty of time to think about.

I thought before going back to the routine 9 to 6 job, I should give it a try. I have about 1 more month & it will decide very well.


You’re so welcome! Also, note that it can be tricky to work Fiverr around life stuff as the platform isn’t very flexible or customizable. I can imagine the project management alone would be that much harder full-time, not to mention the work itself, while you’re navigating life stuff.


I decided to go full time with my voice over business this year after being part time for a year and a half. However I am not relying on Fiverr for all my work because,as mentioned by others, you can do really well on here for months and then suddenly your ranking can drop and the work can dry up for weeks before you suddenly rise again and in comes the work. You probably won’t know why either which can be quite alarming but you just have to accept it and try harder ( reply to messages quickly, get work done speedily etc)
I have had some brilliant jobs on here and I love getting jobs from around the world and I would love to be able to rely on the site but I won’t.

Best of luck with your business though. I would suggest reading advice on the forum from top sellers as that can definitely help on your journey :smiley:


welcome to the new journey on fiverr


Depends on how fast and if you build a good profile and a returning client base.

It took me around 2 months to figure out if it was working out for me.


Going full-time as a freelancer is a good idea, IMHO, but not on Fiverr.

No matter how many years you have in here, you can always lose your rank, get unfair chargebacks, lose your traffic and usually deal with difficult situations which you can’t solve. And who knows what other changes will come in the future.

For me, going on my own while doing Fiverr on the side created the safety and peace of mind I needed. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is too risky to do it for full time. You need to do it as freelancer is ok. It is difficult for you to get regular income from fiverr.


Yup! It works for me. Couldn’t cope anymore working part-time on Fiverr.


Took me 4 months and I don’t regret it.


Thanks for your advice dear.
I was just curious to know if there is really potential in these online jobs or just OK as freelancing part time


Thanks for the advice, it sounds really practical.
How long you have been doing freelancing?
Is it a good experience than a regular job?

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Thakns for motivation.

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@lenasemenkova @estherrandell appreciate your hard work… all the best.

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