Just Joined & its Fun


I have joined fiver few days back ,did not get so many orders yet :relieved: Still i am enjoying this place to be.Its really amazing to see everyone work and would love to be crossing levels :blush: and explore the best of my skills here.Hoping that this journey goes long .I would really appreciate you suggesting me tips to be successful here and achieve my goals.So All of you are welcome to suggest:wink:
All the Best to everyone!


Welcome aboard! There are lots of tips at he academy - https://www.fiverr.com/academy and in other parts of the forum. There is always a lot of research to do when you first join a site, so get stuck in!


I just joined today, went a bit mad and added 3 gigs already! I will have edit a least two of them! I’m enjoying myself so far though!



Welcome to the forum.

I love your profile picture. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your lovely welcome @gina_riley2 still just testing the waters, looking forward to getting stuck in though!


Thanks!yea i am just going to look at it.Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:
Yes i would definitely want to explore more about it.I am in :grinning:


Thanks Gina!:blush:
Let’s shine here :wink:


Yea it happens.It just took me few days to understand the whole situation.One needs to be enjoying to be here that’s what i have understood so far:slight_smile:


i am also new here on fiverr and added 6 gigs and hop so in future i will be take more orders.


Welcome! yes lets hope for the best orders:slight_smile:


Thank you so much and welcome too.