I don’t have big $$ to excitedly announce QUITE yet - though I am only about 15 minutes into the game. :slight_smile: I would love to hear who else has joined this week, or better yet, TODAY!

I plan to look back at this post in a few months and reply to it with my updates on success. With great optimism and belief in myself and my service to others, I am ready to begin my FIVERR journey!

Good luck to you all!



I’ll be the first to wish you good luck!


Hi Jayni! I’m a newbie too, just put up my first gig last night. So far my only issue is that I can’t seem to be able to view my gig exactly how others see it.

Good luck to you!


Reply to @levinewman: Thank you @levinewman! I hope this has been a successful endeavor for you and your business(es)!


Hi @askmary! You know, I have had a few little frustrating “bugs” with Fiverr during my gig creating process as well. I am still optimistic about the journey, however, but I do know what you mean. Best of luck to you and your business!