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Just joined the Level 2 Club. :)

Just joined the level 2 club after only joining Fiverr 2 months ago.

Whilst work on this site was initially slow (as it probably is for all newcomers) it goes to show hard work mixed with quality quickly gets you repeat business.

I am so happy to have gained level 2. I only joined Fiverr mainly for fun, and writing articles for people really has widened my knowledge and helped me gain a deeper understanding of a wide range of topics.

Hopefully moving forward it with more hard work I can eventually become a top rated seller. :slight_smile:

Congrats, Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Congrats! Sometimes I think that people who do join for fun and put effort into quality and having a good time may have an edge. When you are doing it to keep busy or as a hobby at first, you might be more likely to focus on pleasing your buyers and yourself just because you want to. The clients feel your enthusiasm and it’s contagious!

Sellers who start out feeling like they HAVE to be in a hurry or must produce mass quantity to make money quick might set themselves up for issues. They might not be able to do that with great quality and if a buyer gets a whiff of desperation it turns them off too. Now that you hit a good level you can pursue those higher goals! Good luck!

I agree fonthaunt. currently I charge $5 for 500 words, which after Fiverr fees and so on is $4. Roughly about £2.75 in the United Kingdom, where minimum wage is close to £7 an hour. Since my gig is article writing, I have to write 3 gigs an hour for it to be comparable to minimum wage, which is possible if I am writing about something I am fully knowledgeable about.

This is why I do it for fun, I enjoy writing the articles and I don’t mind about earning money, a little is enough for me.

Congratulations! I do voiceovers and had a similar path to level 2. When I first started selling on Fiverr, it really was just to see whether anyone would be interested in paying for something I already enjoyed doing. Consistency and patience really are two of the best traits that will lead to success here, and it sounds like you’re doing a great job with both.

Congrats to you. Best wishes.

Thank you Julie :slight_smile: