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Just lost my perfect score


For no apparent reason, my last customer just gave me 4 stars for a perfectly fine ( some might say ‘outstanding’) voice over for a radio commercial. A radio commercial for five bucks!

I have asked them to reconsider their rating, so far no response.

So now I am on 99% :frowning:


Same happened to me :frowning:

I completed a 6000 word assignment for a buyer. He was happy and after few modifications he completed the order but rated me 4.5 stars and I’m now at 99% rating. I didn’t contact him cos I couldn’t beg him for that extra 0.5 stars. He should have given it to me in the first place. So I’d advise you to get over this and focus on the upcoming orders. Shit happens. Don’t let it distract you.


This might be a glitch. I don’t see how a 4 star rating can knock you down so far. The rating sysmtem is still buggy. It might be worth it to check in with CS to see if it’s an error.


Rating is now like this (I think)


4 star and 5 star is 9 in total. And max you can get from 2 orders is 10. so 9/10 is 0.90 or 90%. So rating would be 90%.

Or with bigger numbers. 19 of 5star rating. One 4 star rating.

Total is 99, and max of 20 orders is 100 stars. So 99/100 is 0.99 what is 99% of ratings.

I think they made like that, but they could remove positive rating, to just rating.


The new system certainly can be testing, you just have to go out of your way to try and be 100% perfect.

We are all in the same boat though!


I am 100% perfect, and supplied two reads for the price of one, with a message to let me know if they are happy with my work. Neck-minute, 4 stars! It was a new user too.

A friend of mine also sells on Fiverr. She got 4 stars because the client decided they had changed their mind about the type of voice over they wanted. The VO was perfect, delivered to the spec.


Some buyers will always refuse to give 5 stars because they “never give anything 5 stars”.

It needs to go, or have some description of what star ratings mean in this context where what 4 actually means “I don’t want this person to get any more business”.

It’s pretty buttslops.


Yup, I had one lady who ordered 6 gigs from me at once (I was only a newbie, so didn’t have gig multiples at that stage), and when I asked her why she felt that I shouldn’t be awarded 5 stars she said: "Oh it was nothing, just when it asked me “would I buy again?” I put 3 stars because I didn’t think I would need to use you again."

That is not what that meeeeeeeans!!! Lost a perfect score for diddly squat.