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🚧 Just Lovely More Makeover from Fiverr 👷🏽‍♀️ 👷🏽


Fiverr is experimenting with the gig pages (Seller Info) tab was added. Once clicked it appears after the GIG description/Order Details before the FAQ section.

Exciting news, right? Um, no not really. :confused:

Gig tab menu

Profile on the gig page :woman_facepalming:t4:

Note: This is visible via Chrome incog.

Is anybody seeing this makeover?


If it isn’t broke keep your hands off it.

It shows before the gig description, rather than off to the side like it was before, and pretty much throws things off. Would love to know who they are talking to about these changes because I’m pretty sure no one, if any, asked for this. Wonder if the issues many have been complaining about were fixed?


Gremlins? :joy:

But yeah this is just fluff stuff.

I was surfing to buy some new gigs and noticed the lovely change. It would be nice if Fiverr added a permanent TIP button or something on the ‘actual’ gig page. With the profile added it’s just going to be a bunch of scrolling.


Yeah, I see it 2 days ago, and it looks TERRIBLE.
What’ wrong with the fiverr web design team huh?


This may be controversial, but to me it looks fine - just gives the buyer a little bit more information about the seller if they don’t look at the seller’s profile page. The only issue I have is the positioning - it should be below the description, other than that. I just don’t see a big issue…


You’re fine, Paul! :sunglasses: That’s what the Community is all about. We may not always agree on certain things. But, it’s always nice to read other users POV. I’m not BIG on aesthetics tho, it’s at the bottom of my pile. I just feel they are packing too much in the gig profile. I like simplicity!

Maybe you could give them some suggestions on how to improve. :slightly_smiling_face:


I see this too. It looks odd, particularly because the bio pages are no longer balanced. Everything, except for the “packages box”, is now in the left column, and there’s a massive white space where the right-side column used to be. I would assume Fiverr is planning to fill that white space, but I can’t help wondering what new content will be going there.


Exactly. It was on that white space before and now they moved it even above the gig description? I have no idea what are they expecting with this change.

You’ll notice that category listings and search results are different now too. Both seem to feature a list format, and no more grid results. :thinking:

Ooookay… search results are suddenly back to the grid format. Clearly someone is currently working on updating the Fiverr site. :wink:

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Curious, are you seeing this incog or not?

OK, now my :brain: is spinning. :smile:

i am not in icognito mode. Standard website viewing.

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Ads, we want ads :rofl:


I had that thought too. Although, ads on seller bios would seem out of place. That’s not really where the buyers are. But ads in search results, absolutely. That’s where all the eyeballs are. :wink:


Or a spot to gasp initiate a live PAID audio or webcam chat. :stuck_out_tongue:
I know there are many Sellers :pray:t4: for this feature.


it’s good and clean web design, good works Fiverr :sunglasses::+1:
Please make some improvement in the seo, searching gigs and buyer requests.