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Just made a new gig! How it looks like?

Just made a new gig…
Be very critical! Thanks…

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You need to move your post to the “Improve My Gig” category before anyone can comment on it.

Just use the :pencil2: to change the category.

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you need to use more professional gig images

What you mean with that? Like that the image quality is bad or the image itself is bad?

what do you mean you’ll do anything for $5 with unlimited revisions?

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the gigs where with just the text ( ‘‘I will do everything you " I will efficiently test and review your website in less than 24h’’ , really looks poor to me, if you are expecting some sales please use more creative stuff I suggest you check your competition on fiverr check what they use then you can use something competitive :slight_smile:

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that gig is like a wild card, I use it to send out personalized offers.

ah oky :wink: i get it

Yeah, It’s true, I am trying to improve my profile step by step… Anyway, about the database gig… is that okay?

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that one looks okay to me

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ok, my fear is that i would order that gig right now for $5 and ask for something silly, and as long as it’s within the confines of TOS and the law it would be in scope. anyone could ask you to write a 500 page love story about their dog then give you a bad review if it’s not erotic enough

i see allot of gigs like this and it baffles me how they don’t get lynched. i get what you’re saying, but if it were me, i might jack up the price to stop unwanted randomness (and by extension drama), ask buyers to contact me before purchasing and maybe give a few examples of what you will and won’t do

i could be completely wrong mind, but i would have thought those gigs are asking for trouble,

i don’t know


Yes, what you’re saying is completely correct, and what I did is quite irresponsible. I’ll change the number of revisions and the price. Thank you for pointing that out to me. :blush: