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Just made "Level one" . Get one of my gig's for free

Hello fellas. I just won Level one badge and I’m very excited.

I love Fiverr and I love working with these good people that made me to reach the level one.

As the level one seller,I like to giveaway one of my gigs for free.

Everyone should comment with one number 1-10 and I will pick up one randomly.

If it will be not ten comment then the first commenter wins the giveaway.

Love you all.

Peace out.

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#1 baby, to go with your level 1 seller!

Congratulations! You’ll reach level 2 in no time!

I pick - 7

Congratulations to you on reaching level 1. Your hard work will also get you to level 2. I’m still a newbie here and I hope to reach level 1 soon. For your free gig giveaway, I pick number- 2.

4 - Congrats!

Really good.Thanks everybody for the good words.

Much love.

I’ve picked up to users ,fragglesrock and fragglesrock.

Thanks everybody for commenting and supporting me.

Love you all.

Best regards.

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