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Just made my first money on fiverr!


Hi, I am Sarah. I joined fiverr 11days back. I created 4 gigs. But I did not know how to market them or even how to create a gig. But it was actually kid-friendly easy to create a gig. There are video tutorials almost on every steps.

I was started to get worried and was thinking that I will never get an order. But just when I was about leave all hope I got an order today from @videogrpaher to create a TV commercial for his website.

I started my work instantly and delivered the work within 2 hour.

He rated me good and left me a sweet comment. And I’ve just made my first 4$ on fiverr.

I am happy like heaven…

Wish me luck.

You can see the gig in here

Thank you all for reading my post



It took me a couple weeks to get an order but then soon I started getting a lot more and made it to level 1 seller then soon level 2.

So your slow start is normal. Just keep up the good work so you get great reviews!


Reply to @dr_joshua: Thanks. And you’ve some wonderful gigs!



Hi, welcome and good luck! :slight_smile:


Congrats :slight_smile: tip for you … there will be annoying buyers do not argue with them just try to satisfy every order with perfection to get positive … even if you feel angry or sad don’t make them leave you a negative review.

your rating will get you more sales.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thank you very much…


Reply to @dzeeshah: thanks

Got it, whtever I do, I shouldn’t be pissing off my customers… even if they piss me off :smiley:


@cuty_sarah Well done. Keep it up x


Reply to @rooneyyenoor: thanks


Great job! High five!


gratz.I also joined fiverr kinda same time as you did.Done some sales but for the last 3 days didnt sell anything.Hope we gona sell more in the future.Good luck


Well done :slight_smile: keep up the good work!


Reply to @bsharpe1983: thank you… (hypothetical high five) :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @nicred: thank you

#15 : Congratulation to you.