Just made my first sale :)


I know I am not supposed to be celebrating a mere $5.00 order but I can’t help it. And the buyer was good enough to leave me a 5-star review.

I hope I will come back soon with a good enough reason to brag but for now, let me enjoy the moment.

To the more experienced sellers, is this how you felt the first time you got an order?


The first sale is the perfect thing to celebrate on fiverr! Congratulations, and I’m sure you deserved your 5 stars. =)

Two months ago, I had my own first sale, and it was (mutually) cancelled after three revisions didn’t satisfy the customer. Happily, I already had a second order by then and within weeks got my Level One badge. So, yeah. The first sale gives you the best feeling and also propels you towards many more sales.

Best of luck for all your future work,
Paroma C.


Wow! Thanks! That’s very encouraging.


Your first sale is always very exciting. Best wishes for your success!


Congrats brother :slight_smile: Good luck for the future.




Thanks @Aslamgraphics


Hi Ronhi! Congrats on your sale! Can I ask, how long it took you to get your first sale? Wish you best of luck!


Hi @bossladybecky just seen your question today. It took me approximately 3 weeks. Cant remember exactly. However, I had to reject offers from 2 different clients before I finally made the first sale. It’s been a slow month but I understand things should pick up in January so I am hopeful for a busy January


Congrats! Now deliver the best you can to get those 5 star reviews coming.


Congratuations! I was lucky enough to have my first order two minutes after creating my first gig. Keep it going!


I had the same feeling too! I got my gig on saturday and completed it yesterday. this is just two weeks after signing up to fiverr. it’s a great feeling :slight_smile: Hope I get more in weeks to come. Hope the same for you! God bless~~


Congrats on the first sale! I hope that I will be able to do this in the future. IT’s super exciting.


I remember how amazing it feels to get that first real ‘online money’…

Keep in mind that sale boosted your gig and will probably have it seen by more people, so great job ! :slight_smile:


Congrats !! First Sales is really too inspiring and great moment for you and me also. Hope and sure you will achieve your goal soon. Thanks





Do not call it a mere $5. It goes a long way. Without that first $5 , a lot have given up and even dropped down their skills and went on to get a 5-9 job. With that first $5 a lot of people have quit their jobs to pursue a career in freelance using their skills. That first $5 makes you believe in yourself and your skills and it fuels you to do more research on how to be successful. Thus continue to celebrate but do not be comfortable with that just one $5. Enjoy!


Congratulations! I just got my first order after two months, and it fells really good! Now I’m off to give it my very best.


That’s great! All the best!


Thanks @Mzie88 That first $5 is what I needed to get started. I am now looking forward to a successful 2017 on fiverr