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Just Missed Level Evaluation Period

So I am quite new to Fiverr and I believe I will meet all the requirements for level 1 Except 60 days on fiverr… I will be at about 54 days on my evaluation period. I know the answer is probably a straight forward no but if you don’t ask you don’t get so here is my question.

  1. Will I have to wait another month to Evolve Into A level 1 Fiverr Pokemon.
  2. Can I ask fiverr to evaluate me on my 60th day

Actually, you know as I am writing this I know the answer is going to be no haha

I do have my fingers crossed that someone will tell me there is something I can do here lol

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Oh great, you made this before 60 days. I am sorry to tell you, its an automatic process; you have to wait for another one month to be automatically evaluated by the system. You will promoted to level one provided you maintain the current performance :frowning:

All the best!

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I missed my level 2 Pokemon upgrade last month by ONLY 3 days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hopefully, I’ll get that on the 15th of this month :smiley: Good luck to you @diamondleopard

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I thought that would be the case :slight_smile: Oh well. Thanks for your reply Jenny! Hope you are well x

Hanshuber yea I will miss it by 4 days :’( !! Nether-mind!

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Do not worry . I think You will be promoted… Because evolution date is 15,16,17,18 that depends on the timezone.Your account’s age will be 60th on the evolution date 15th. When your requirements of the selling seniority will fulfill then just message the CS .I think that you do not need to message .You will be promoted automated before 16th or 16th…I am telling that because one of my friend has been promoted on his 60th day of selling seniority. I could be sure if your timezone was same with ours but I hope you will be promoted .
Best of luck

Thank you Jhakz1234, my fingers are crossed.

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